Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

For the full story, check out our first blog post. We’re a New York-based team of about 25 engineers, designers, and editors.

What is Digg?

Digg is the best place to find the most interesting and talked about stories and videos on the Internet right now. We live on a website, mobile apps, and a daily email.

What is a digg?

A digg is a thumbs-up — a positive vote — for a story that means you want other people to see it. Any Digg user can digg a story, and every digg helps to inform where that story appears on the Digg homepage and Digg mobile apps.

I keep hearing about Digg editor. What is an editor and what do they want?

We learned, while building at betaworks, that finding really great stories requires a mix of smart algorithms, smart networks and, not least, smart people to parse the two. Digg is what the Internet is talking about right now, so our editors will be watching diggs, Facebook shares, tweets, and other data to determine where a story should sit on the homepage. Facebook shares and tweets are important signals and will be closely monitored, but we care first and foremost about what Digg users have to say — measured, as always, in diggs.

Why can't I comment on stories?

Comments are a really hard problem to solve, so we’re taking time to make sure we do it right. In the coming months we will conduct experiments in commenting that will inform more permanent features. In the mean time, we run regular curated Digg Dialog features where our community can comment and discuss with guests on various topics. Check it out!

I used the old Digg (before July 2012). Where can I find my data?

Any user of the old Digg can export their data using the Archive tool we built at

How do I sign up for Digg?

Right now, you can create an account using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google credentials. If you decide to sign up for Digg with Facebook, all of the stories you digg will be shared to your Facebook Timeline. You can disable Timeline sharing at any time by visiting Settings.

What’s going to happen to the Digg API?

It’s super important to have a robust API for third-party developers. Since we’re starting with a fresh code base it will take us a little time to get it up and running. But we are working on it and we would love hear from any developers about how you would use it - get in touch at

Updated March 25, 2016