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Digg delivers the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet right now.

Digg does curation: building products that make life smoother, simpler, and smarter. Re-founded in 2012, Digg now provides the most relevant and compelling content to millions of users a month. Using proprietary data sources and a crack editorial team, we cut through the clutter of the Internet and make sense of the noise so you don’t have to. Digg has everything you’ll see later, now.

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“Digg has again become one of my favorite news sources on the Internet. I find myself religiously checking it daily, if not more, for the latest great content from popular media outlets.”

Digg Is Back

The Best And Brightest

We pride ourselves on finding the most pertinent and important stories, videos, and every other kind of media: a mandatory daily dose of news and facts for the intellectually curious.

“Digg captures a snapshot of all of the Web’s hottest streams. Then it presents a smart, gorgeous, editorially coherent digest of what’s popular online. Other sites have attempted this, but the new Digg is the first place that does it well.”

I Can Digg It

Data's Day

We use data and social signals to power a user-influenced, editorially-controlled content portal.

“The story of Digg's comeback tells us a lot about how the web has matured over the last decade.”

Inside the company that rebuilt Digg

Rinse, Reinvent, Repeat

We've built an arsenal of tools and products to construct an experience not just for today’s web, but for the future of the Internet.

There Are Several ‘i’s In This Team

Who We Are

We’re a small but growing company of normal-ish people who just like building good stuff. Feel free to reach out to any and all of us — we’re generally pretty friendly. Except Joe.

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